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Greenfire Bistro is an incredible place to enjoy a great meal. Our food is carefully prepared and delivered by our superb staff members. We are constantly looking for new ways to improve the experience of our customers. Our menu is a splendid array of dishes ranging from our fresh seafood features to pastas and stir fries.  On top of that, our wine and beer selection is top notch.   We can't wait to see you!

 Phone:  937-667-6664

Fresh Features!
Our first feature is a
Duo of Black Grouper and a Fresh Diver Sea Scallop finished with an Herbed Brown Butter.
Did you know....
Most scallops are harvested by boats dragging chain nets across the ocean floor. Diver scallops are harvested by divers who jump into the water and collect them by hand. The term "diver" does not itself imply a size, but these divers generally pick the largest scallops they can find, so diver scallops tend to be in the 10/30 range. The scallops we are serving tonight are U-6s!
Aficionados say diver scallops are more ecological because the divers only pick the bigger, more mature scallops, while leaving the younger ones, which allows the population to replenish; whereas dragging with chains is indiscriminate and sweeps up other shellfish besides just scallops.

We are also serving
Wild Caught New Zealand Herb-Crusted Orange Roughy finished with a Shrimp Scampi Sauce.  Orange Roughy is known for it's pearly white flesh, course flakes, medium texture and delicious shellfish flavor. 

More about Orange Roughy...
Orange Roughy swam its way to our American dinner tables back in the early 1980's.  However, Orange Roughy catches peaked in 1988 and since then, catch rates have declined as quotas have been reduced to establish a sustainable catch level. "Fresh" Orange Roughy has seen a rise in popularity in recent years with white tablecloth restaurants and trendy eclectic hip eateries on the West Coast. The "Mother of Pearl" raw flesh, medium to firm texture, coarse flake gives it straight A's in cooking versatility. The delicate shellfish flavor makes its nearly identical to its cousin the John Dory (with out the heavy price point).  Fresh Orange Roughy is a completely different experience than the mass produced frozen commodity found in the retail segment!

Our soup of the day is 
Fresh Cream of Mushrooom!

Don't forget about our new menu...including many old favorites sprinkled with quite a few new items...Fish Tacos, Pad Thai, Risotto Cakes, Lamb Sliders and more!

Call 937-669-FISH


Lock Fifteen... Fresh Fish for Sale!

Retail Pricing ~ Custom Cut...


American Hog Snapper - $24.55/lb


Black Grouper - $22.48/lb


Halibut - $24.45/lb


King Salmon - $22.48/lb


Wreckfish - $24.48/lb


Amberjack - $14.98/lb


Skuna Bay Salmon - $16.48/lb

...Vancouver Island craft-raised without hormones and growth promoters...





 Call 669-FISH or stop in! Located behind Greenfire Bistro...


  Skuna Bay Salmon fillet

Great on the grill!






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Our Hours

Monday: 11am to 2pm and 4pm to 9pm
Tuesday: 11am to 2pm and 4pm to 9pm
Wednesday: 11am to 2pm and 4pm to 9pm
Thursday: 11am to 2pm and 4pm to 9pm
Friday: 11am to 2pm and 4pm to 10pm
Saturday: 4pm to 10pm
Sunday: Closed

Driving Directions

From Dayton, OH:
Travel North on I-75 to exit 68 Tipp City, turn right off the ramp, we are located 100 yards on the left.
From Piqua, OH:
Travel South on I-75 to exit 68 Tipp City, turn left off the ramp, we are located 100 yards on the left.
From Springfield, OH:
Travel West on I-70 to I-75 North, take I-75 to exit 68 Tipp City, turn right off the ramp, we are located 100 yards on the left.
From Richmond, IN:
Travel East on I-70 to I-75 North, take I-75 to exit 68 Tipp City, turn right off the ramp, we are located 100 yards on the left.

Wine Tasting

Our Next Wine Tasting is Tuesday, October 25th.  Gregory Hecht, founder and winemaker, of Hecht and Bannier WInes!!

What's New

Try our Weeknight Specials!! Dine In or Carryout...937-667-6664
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